Diode Dynamics Tail As Turn Module

Code: DD-ascent-tailasturn


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This module will need modified to work.  You must cut the inner tabs out on harness in order for it to be a direct plug and play.

The module will turn your running lights into turn signals and give you a left over spot to add a second reverse light.

If you do decide to keep the existing turn signal as a reverse light you will need to change those to LED due to additional power draw.

All bulbs available to add to this module are listed as well!


Reverse Light Bulb Options:

  • Diode Dynamics XP50 921 bulbs 410 Lumens
  • Diode Dynamics HP36 921 bulbs 210 Lumens
  • Diode Dynamics HP5 194 bulbs 92 Lumens
  • Profile Peak 2.0 921 bulbs 500 lumens
  • Lasfit 921 bulbs 1400 Lumens
  • Morimoto XB 921 Bulbs 350 Lumens

Additional Reverse Light (Old turn signal location)

  • Diode Dynamics XP80 7440/3 510 Lumens
  • Diode Dynamics HP48 7440/3 250 Lumens
  • Profile Pivot 7440/3 480 Lumens


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