Lasfit LS 9005 Led Bulbs High Beam 5000lms

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Light up the night with a set of drop in LED bulbs for your car!


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High Beam and DRL Function
9005 LED bulb can be used in both DRL and hid beam as long as the halogen bulb number is 9005, LS series 9005 LED bulb with 45 watts output will the best choice for situations like living in a rural area, driving country roads at night and gets very dark out.

Top Features:
10,000LM highest power
Lumileds Luxeon Z ES LED chip carries more focused lighting. External driver ballast supports constantly super bright light output and makes sure the LED bulb last longer.
Super bright white color
LS series LED bulb coming with 6,000K color temperature differs from 5,000K or 5,500K lights that would blind people, pretty tasteful while still having great light output.
6,000K LEDs brings ever-so-slight tint of blue than 5,000K or 5,500K one but not as much blue as you would think after its fully warmed up and brings a bright white instead.
More focus, less blind
The mounting base/plate is adjustable with 3 holes on the adapter holder for alignment options, won’t blind people or oncoming traffic when aiming your headlights properly and allow the LEDs to achieve the best, most perfect beam pattern meanwhile.
IP67 water and dust seal
Lasfit LED light is impervious to water, regardless of how long it is submerged, with IP67 waterproof and dustproof design and O-ring seal to make sure they work well in almost extreme condition even without dust cover/rubber back.
Plug and play
Connects directly into the factory connector, very easy to install and turn normal in 10 minutes for most of the vehicles.
Strong Heat Dissipation
With built-in hydroid pressure turbo cooling fan @9000RPM ensure working under 80 celsius and aluminum nitride substrate ensure lifespan over 50,000 hours.

Tech Specs
Plug Type: 9005/HB3
Light Mode: Single Beam
Usage: Headlight/DRL
LED Quantity: 2pcs Lumileds Luxeon Z ES LEDs
Voltage: DC 9-16V
Light Power: 90W/set (45W/bulb)
Luminous Flux: 10,000LM/set (5,000LM/bulb)
Color Temperature: Bright White 6,000K
Operating Temperature: -40-80 Degree Celsius
Lifespan: Over 50,000 hours
Certification: IP67 Water and Dust Seal, CE, RoHS

Most Honest Policy
Online professional customer service.
Offline quick telephone support and physical store experience.
2 years hassle free warranty.
45 days return/money back guarantee.
Please notes: our warranty will NOT cover installation service, labor cost, diagnostics tracking service or any other expense unrelated to the products itself.

Please Notes
1) For most of the vehicles used DRL and high beam in one bulb, they will not affect the DRL function and cause the LED headlight to flash. But for Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler 2014-2016, it would give an error message, it can usually be solved by resistor decoder.
2) For Chevy Silverado 2001-2007, the factory brackets for the adjustment screws won’t allow the back cooling fan of the bulb to fit. Please cut headlight support brackets to make the bulbs fit.



Lasfit Automotive LED Lighting was established in 2015 and we are located in the Greater Los Angeles area, Ontario, California. Our only focus is on the automotive LED lighting industry,providing our customers with high quality performance products and unparalleled service at competitive prices. As an up-and-coming company, we believe in the hard work and time of all Lasfit team members, we will win your trust and build our reputation in the US automotive lighting market. Thank you for your trust and choice of Lasfit, we are very happy to witness your journey.
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