Lasfit LA Plus Series H11 Led Bulbs High Beam 7600lms

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Light up the night with a set of drop in LED bulbs for your car!


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Bulb Size: H11

Luminous Flux 7600lm per set 3800 per bulb

Lifespan: 30000 Hours

1 Year Warranty



Lasfit Automotive LED Lighting was established in 2015 and we are located in the Greater Los Angeles area, Ontario, California. Our only focus is on the automotive LED lighting industry,providing our customers with high quality performance products and unparalleled service at competitive prices. As an up-and-coming company, we believe in the hard work and time of all Lasfit team members, we will win your trust and build our reputation in the US automotive lighting market. Thank you for your trust and choice of Lasfit, we are very happy to witness your journey.
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