Grimmspeed Stealthbox Intake System 2015 – 2020 STi

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Design requirements for this intake were simple: The intake must not only be safe for the engine, but perform well both with and without tuning. The intake must be able to be installed quickly, without removal of the bumper. The intake must produce horsepower and torque gains throughout the RPM range, not just on the top end. Justification for the first is obvious, we want you to be able to bolt it on and go, without worrying about your air-fuel ratios and engine safety. Justification for the second came after installing other intakes, only to have our front bumper never fit the same way again. A little research showed that this was a common issue. Yuck. * 10whp Gain – Throughout entire rev range, no tuning required * Mimics Factory AFR – Safest intake on the market * Installed easily without bumper removal – Don’t ruin your bumper fitment like other intakes! * Made in the USA – Right here in Minnesota, in fact * 30min Installation – Extremely simple with our written and video guides * Off-the-Shelf Tune Available – Shiv with OpenFlashTablet has developed a map to maximize the potential of the GrimmSpeed intake (an additional ~7whp)


  • 2015 – 2020 STi


  • Requires Tuning




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