Air Release Taillight, Headlight, Fog-Light Film

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Want to tint your whole light?  This is the product for you!

This film is the same product we use for all of our shop installations on customer cars.  This is the only film we use!

This Air Release film is specially designed to get the job done in a easy manor.  This film is similar to vinyl wrap where there are air release channels on the back of the film to allow air to escape during the application process.  Using a heat gun or hair drier you can easily form this film over the curves of your lamp.


  • Application of this film is performed dry.  Simply pull film from backing material and apply to a clean surface.  Work from the center of the film to the outside in a clock like motion.  When we use this film for our installs we generally just use our fingers it gives you a better feel of what the film if you prefer to use a squeegee we have those available as well!


Crux Motorsports

Crux Motorsports is a creates high quality vinyl overlays and decals. Utilizing die cut vinyl plotters there will be a perfect fit every time.


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