Like Free Stuff? So do we!  Here are a few ways that you can earn points to use to discount your future orders! It is easy to earn points and you can do one or all the point earners below to maximize your point return!  Below you will see what you need to do to earn free points:


  • User must have an account on Cruxmoto.com.  If you previously purchased as a guest or you purchased on eBay or Amazon no problem just sign up for an account on our site! 
  • Complete any of the “ways to earn points” below and send a picture or screen shot to points@cruxmoto.com please include your username from cuxmoto.com in this email. 
  • All steps in whichever point earner you choose must be completed in order to redeem points.
  • We hope you are satisfied with your purchase and can leave a positive review.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied and can not leave a positive review please contact us first so we can address your issue and leave you with a exceptional purchase experience. 

Ways to earn Points:

  • Purchase any product off of our site!  Earn one point for ever dollar you spend!  If you have already made a purchase on our site and you would like to receive credit for that purchase please forward us the email to points@cruxmoto.com
  • 25 points – Review a product on our Amazon Store product page.  Not all products qualify for this.  Only Products that are listed on Amazon. To find our products on Amazon please search Crux Motorsports
  • 25 points – Leave us a review on our Facebook Page
  • 25 points – Review a product on a Forum and link back to the product on our site. 
  • 10 points – Post a picture of the product installed on your car and tag us on Instagram
  • 25 points – Give us a shout out on Instagram encouraging your followers to follow us
  • 25 points – Post an installation Video and tag back to the product page on YouTube
  • 10 points each – Follow us on social media: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram